Monday, November 01, 2010

Election Night Dinner Party

  While you have the TV tuned to the on-going election results this Tuesday night, why not invite some close friends and neighbors over to celebrate.  Chances are the cool crisp air of autumn has arrived, and what better to warm you up (and possibly comfort yourself over potential candidate losses), than to serve up a tasty down home pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and onion. County Living Magazine has a great recipe for Old-Fashioned Pot Roast which can be prepared in the pressure cooker within an hour.  For your pot roast, search for ingredients that are from sustainable U.S. family farms and ranches.  What a better way to show your patriotism and support for our country!
  For dessert, apple pie, of course.  And for a beverage, who can go wrong with beer - try Samuel Adams. Their Honey Porter goes well with pot roast.

   For some colorful disposable dinner ware, try Plates and Napkins on-line.  I love the cute donkey and elephant napkins.  
   Speaking of party mascots, Fantes has patriotic cookie cutters in the shapes of donkeys and elephants for some red, white and blue treats.  For a twist, make the cookies out of gingerbread and leave them un-iced. 

  When carrying out an "all-American" theme, think beyond just the food.  There are several places on-line you can turn to for American made decor items that will fit the bill.  The Vermont County Store offers some very affordable reproduction glassware in patriotic colors.
Primitive sign from Tinkers Cottage on Etsy
   Shop Etsy for some unique items that can be used in centerpieces or propped up on a buffet table next to a jar of flowers.
   To add a pleasant homey scent to the air (especially if you don't have a wood burning fireplace), try Maine balsam fir incense sticks from The Vermont Country Store.
   Peterboro Baskets offers some wonderful products with a patriotic flair.  Not only can you change out the fabrics in the baskets, you can purchase clear plastic liners that can hold appetizers, cookies, you name it.

   The Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has some great products for home decor. Don't just hang buntings outdoors.  They can be attached to the edge of  tablecloths or draped over buffets.

   For another centerpiece idea, why not break out the Lincoln Logs?  Your kids can help you build the perfect log cabin.

The Dog Coat Lady on Etsy

   Last of all, remember that every good host and hostess is polite and diplomatic. If you have guests of all political persuasions, remember to stress the commonalities of beliefs and the celebration of our right to vote!

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