Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 2 - Cocktails - The Flying Pilgrim

   This year I've decided to fore go the traditional wine prior to the Thanksgiving meal, and serve a signature cocktail instead.  Signature cocktails are beverages that you specifically concoct for the express point of commemorating a certain event.  I've named my signature cocktail, The Flying Pilgrim.  The recipe is as follows:

one part beer (I used a Belgium Ale, but you could use anything)
one part hard apple cider
one ounce Applejack (an old recipe for a liquor that is part whisky part cider)

   Before pouring the liquids in the glass, dip the rim of a heavy mug or beer glass in some Applejack. Then dip in a saucer of raw sugar.  This makes a pretty presentation and adds a little more sweet flavor to the drink to combat the bitterness of the beer. 
   Pour the beer, then the cider, then the shot of Applejack, and serve. 


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