Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Decor - Part 2 - found treasures

   When it comes to holiday decorations, found items are always best.  Not only can they be unique, they are free (and you are re-purposing old "junk" that otherwise would sit in your cupboards!)  Here are a few items I found around the house and re-purposed for a Halloween candy display.
   First of all, I covered the table with a piece of black calico I had left over from quilting.  I then lay an antique sheer curtain over the top.  If it is a little stained, so much the better!  To dispense the candy corn, I used an antique chick feeder.  These you can find at antique stores, and can be quite handy to dispense M&Ms as well.  For Easter, I purchase pastel M&Ms and display them this way.  You can dress them up with string or ribbon. 

   Old canning jars work well to hold lollipops, licorice, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, you name it.  Look for the ones made with blue glass.  They look beautiful in windows.  

   The other day I found a vintage wooden-handled scoop.  I knew I wanted to use it somehow.  Voila!  A mini-candy bar scoop.  For additional containers, I pulled out some of my old wooden bowls (look for them at garage sales), and a cut glass dishes handed down from my grandmother.  Mini cupcake liners hold candy corn neatly.  

      An easy way to dress up a plain glass cake stand (purchased at Target), is to attach ruffled ribbon to the edge.  I used wired ribbon - just pull the wire taut on one side until it ruffles and knot the wire at either end to prevent it from unraveling.  Then stick the ribbon to the edge of the stand with glue dots.  When you are finished using the cake stand, you can easily take off the glue dots.  

   Treat bags were made with plain brown paper lunch bags trimmed at the top.  I lightly went over bag with a tea stain ink pad and sprayed the surface with a sparkle liquid you can purchase in scrapbook stores.  At the top,  I attached these wonderfully vintage-looking tags (purchased on Etsy) with some raffia to the top.  So much better the the typical gaudy-colored cellophane, and about the same price.  

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