Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Little Romance

   In preparation for Valentine's Day, here are a couple of items that will inspire the romance in all of us.
Lace handkerchief from Linen Whites on Etsy

  What better gift than a personalized handkerchief.  Although not necessarily a practical gift, it will be guaranteed to be tucked away in a special place forever.  Another romantic notion would be for a lady to spritz it with her favorite perfume and give as a gift to her special someone.  

Jane Austen word magnet set by Wicked Pen on Etsy
   Another item to add a little romance to your Valentine's Day would be this set of Jane Austen magnets from Wicked Pen.  Make up your own words of love or craft some Regency poetry and place them on the fridge for your loved one to discover when they reach for the creamer for their morning coffee.