Monday, October 11, 2010

September Back-to-School Decorating

   Although this is a little late (hello October), I just had to include my post on decorating your house for back-to-school.  September is long awaited in my house.  School starts again,  Temperatures drop from the blazing 90's to the comfortable 70's.  The crisp fall air turns the leaves a gold color, and the aroma of cinnamon baked apples fills the kitchen.

   When thinking of decorating your house for September, scour your pantry and your children's bedrooms for old school memorabilia, such as, old metal lunch pails, vintage school texts, pencils, chalkboards, blocks, rulers...  You can also include, as I have done here, some fake apples, fake pumpkins, silk leaf garlands, and small illuminated houses (which you do not have to spend a fortune on - check out Michael's and Target.)  Vintage readers can be found easily and affordably on E-Bay or in antique stores (also, keep an eye out for vintage rulers and lunch pails.)  If you are lucky enough to live where there are plenty of golden leafy branches, cut a few and use them in your decor.
   With a little imagination, by the first week of September, you can have a welcoming and colorful Autumn home.  Add a little cinnamon baked apples to the oven, and the kids won't be able to wait till they get home.

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