Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Decor - Lighting

Country Living Magazine

  The right type of lighting can make even the most simple decoration spring to life.  Here's a few ideas to light your home for a subtle, yet spooky effect:

House of Antique Hardware

* Use flicker bulbs in place of regular candelabra bulbs in your chandelier or small accent lamps.  The House of Antique Hardware  has several options available.  They even have colonial style sconces in which you could place flicker bulbs for the ultimate "Salem Witch Trial" ambiance.  You can even replace regular bulbs in faux jack-o-lanterns to look like they are illuminated with candle light.  

* Use electric or candle powered candelabras on your side and buffet tables to light the way.  Stretch fake cobwebs and add a couple of plastic insects for effect.  

* Scented candles help infuse the air with the scent of a crisp autumn day.  Try Macintosh Apple or Pumpkin Pie from Yankee Candle.

Sunset Magazine
* Strings of small white or orange battery powered lights can be used to add diminsion and softness to faux flower arrangements, stacks of pumpkins, bundles of cornstalks, or bare branches.  The battery pack can be easily hidden, and you can buy them in varied lengths to suit your purpose.  (These are handy to keep out year-round to illunimate every holidy decoration, not just Halloween and Christmas.)

* Use mirrors and glass to reflect candle light.  Place dripping candlelabras on top of antique mirrors used as trays.  Arrange strings of twinkle lights around groupings of clear glass apothocary jars filled with fake insects, candy corn, or faux cobwebs.  The reflected light will double the effect, and is especially useful if lighting is at a premium.

* Try antique kerosene lamps indoors and out.  I like the fact that you can adjust the strength of the flame, and they are dripless.  The black hanging lantern above would look great attached to tree limbs outdoors or propped in front of a faux gravestone.  They would also come in handy if you were to have a country or ranch themed party.  Antique lanterns with glass chimneys can be used to illuminate a dining room or buffet table for any occasion, as well.

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