Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Twenty Gifts Not to Give this Christmas

1. A Christmas mug - come to think of it - any mug.  

2. Footed one-piece jammies for adults.  It's a "no-do".

3. Any type of "all in one" tool that is $9.99 at this low discount price for one hour only.  Don't dial that number!!

4. A Snuggie or slankit, or whatever you want to call it.

5. Erotic apparel.  "Nipple-less" bras are called "nursing bras", and we would buy one if we needed one.   And your husband is not going to wear the satin boxer shorts, however cute you think he would be in them.

6. Anything personalized, to the point that it is kitchy.  Really, do you ever see anything like this in someone's office?  Do you really thing they are going to display it?

7. Re-gifted items. The recipient can tell that you didn't like it the first time, and now they are the proud owner.  If you want to be "eco-friendly" give a back-rub.

8. Christmas ornaments. OK, I'm guilty of this one as well.  I do like some ornament gifts, especially if they have my kids' name on it. 
9. The "cheese product" "meat log" assortment.  They neither taste like meat nor cheese, and you end up guiltily serving them to last minute guests because you can't find anything else in the fridge.


10. And yes, we all know your lovin' should be enough, but come on, go out and spend a little, ya cheapskate!

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Angie said...

Pete gave me footed jammies for my birthday one year. I cried. I needed therapy to restore my feminine self image.