Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now, What To Give!

1. Soup mix.  Some people may think this is a cop-out, but for a busy woman with a family, I love the mixes!  Anything to save me time is a great gift!

2. A trip!  (Just so long as it's not a cruise to Alaska.  I've lived there - yes, you can see whales, but it's too damn cold!)

3. Baby sitting services.

4. A foot rub - especially if you are my husband!  (I tell him every year, this is what I want - and a real one - not the 5 minute "I'm busy watching football" one.)  AND I want to watch HGTV during the foot rub, with a glass of wine in one hand.
5. A night out to dinner and cocktails, sans children.  (I do really love my kids, I swear!  Just need a little adult time every now and then!!)

6. A new computer!!  Preferable a very light portable type that doesn't crash every five minutes, take 20  minutes to load a web site, and have one million cords sticking out of it!!  

7. The Family Guy boxed set volume seven.  I know....don't tell anyone.  I'll just buy it for myself.
8. A custom paint job for my mini-van.  I like pink - maybe like the Charlie's Angels van!  Sweeeeeet!

9. Anything handmade from my children.  Love, love, love.

10. Wine - always the perfect gift.

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