Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Bright New Year

A Simple New Year's Party

   Instead of the traditional silver and gold for your New Year's party, why not ring in the new year with hopeful bright oranges and enthusiastic reds.  Combine these bright colors with clean simple lines of modern-inspired decor, and add a little bit of whimsy to make your party a hit.  

Decor:  Orange and reds.  Floral arrangements include marigolds and hot pink chrysanthemums. Hang red paper lanterns from the ceiling (see for supplies) interspersed with bright orange metallic balloons in crescent shapes.  Luminarias also can make a beautiful warm statement at centerpeices nestled in betweeen floral arrangements.  Alongside the buffet table, place homemade orange peel candles.  For table linens, use Indian prints in gold, red and orange.  You can find affordable yardage at your local fabric store.  Merely hem the edges and you have an instant table runner. 

Favors:  I found these great party masks by Maro Designs on  Not only do they make unique favors, they provide a creative opportunity for photos of your guests!  

Cute party hats can be decorated with pink and orange feathers (see pattern and instructions at  

Another wonderful idea for a take-home reminder of your party is a small calendar for the new year.  I found these clean, simple calendars on by Jumping Jack Designs.  Use the brown box they come in, and wrap your own red and orange ribbons around the outside. 

Activities:  No New Year's party is complete without the iconic count-down to midnight.  Toast the new year with pink champagne with a sugared tangerine slice on the edge of the glass.  Purchase small individual confetti shooters (  for guests to be let off at midnight.
  Another fun item is a "cootie-catcher".  You can hand these out to your guests and then have them ask the question, "Will I keep my New Year's resolution?" and see what their fortune holds.  (See for instructions and a downloadable pattern.)  

Food:  Think simple and healthy.  After the over-indulgences of the holidays, most guests are looking forward to flat tummies once again. Help them with their new year's resolutions by providing salads, healthy finger food, fresh fruits, and light desserts.  Check out Cooking Light magazine for some great ideas to slim down your favorites.

Drinks:  Cognac Sparklers and Mandarin Cocktails from  

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Angie said...

Thanks for including my calendar. Groovy! I love orange as a fresh color to bring in the new year. Great idea!