Saturday, May 27, 2006


I do so envy those who have organized and neat tidy sewing rooms. My "sewing room" is actually the dining room table. It is not only necessary (since we don't have the space anywhere else), it is convenient because I can watch my son while I'm (trying to) sew. Too bad I'm so disorganized though. I bought a bunch of plastic containers with lids to organize my supplies, but it seems like everything still ends up all over in the table in a huge mess. When I sew or cut out patterns, I just kind of push everything to the side and hope it doesn't slide over the edge of the table. I think I need help. P.S. Note the Fisher-Price toy train on my sewing table - what's that doing there?


Sanderling said...

Just browsing through blogs and came across yours. Thought I'd leave a comment as you don't have any! And lovely to see pleasant thoughts in a normal blog. There aren't too many like yours. Keep up the good work.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh girl - you need to join us for TAckle It Tuesday!! Have you seen it on my blog yet. If not go check it out. This week I had before/after pics of my kitchentable/office. Much worse than yours - no worries!
Next week will be my scrapbook mess on my dining room table. It IS HORRIBLE!! so terrible you will laugh out loud!!

So take some before/after photos and then join us to celebrate your accomplishments with us.

(Scroll down to Tuesday though cause my wed stuff is now up.)

Donna said...

I think every creative person has a room like this ;-)

Briggie said...

i really like your blog. just an fyi - - - i noticed you get a lot of spam in your comments - do you have a spam moderator??

carol said...

I came across your blog as I am browsing through blogs. Yours is wonderful. And the photos are great! You see_I just started my blog yesterday.I hope to be more aqcuainted with you.