Friday, April 02, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

   As Easter nears, I am tempted once again by one of my many guilty pleasures - the Cadbury Cream Egg.  ( I mistakenly found out how many calories one of these puppies has, and you don't want to know.)  These chocolates, to me, are basically mini versions of the "fruit and nut" filled eggs that I got in my basket as a kid.  They were about 3 pounds of whipped sugar with maybe some nuts, but definitely no fruit that I could recognize.  The whole shabang was wrapped in a casing of some sort of chocolate substitute and decorated with bitty flowers that you were tempted to eat, but later regretted it when one of your fillings came out.
    My second guilty pleasure is America's Next Top Model.  The show is all-out stupid.  I'll admit to it.  When all those girls scream and almost pass out when they see Tyra Banks for the first time, I come very close to turning off the TV out of sheer embarrasment., but, alas, I do not.  What follows in the subsequential weeks is not pretty, and I hide my head in shame at the very thought of it.  The only show that possibly reaches this level of humility is The Bachelor.  If one more drunk desperate 20-something takes off her thong underwear and gives it the Bachelor at the "meet-and-greet", I will have to ...have to..... well, even if I don't stop watching it, I'll have to at least write a letter about sub-standard programming!  So there!
   My third guilty pleasure is Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn songs.  It must be my genetic heritage - I come from a long line of rednecks that go way back to the Revolutionary Rednecks of yore. "Louisianna Woman, Mississippi Man"  is my personal favorite, but I love Conway's solo "Hello Darlin'" and Loretta's "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man".  Makes me want to put on my flip-flops, pop a Yoo-Hoo, eat some "balona" sandwiches, and hang out at the gas station with my cousins.  (Don't ask, it's a real memory.)

   Well, now that I've bared my soul, I feel so cleansed!  I may not have given up anything for Lent, but I have rid my soul of some sins (at least, for the week-end.)  Happy Easter, y'all.

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