Monday, January 11, 2010

A Return to Cranford

The fog has has not lifted, and I am once again tempted to curl up on the sofa with an afghan and a nice cup of English tea. Fortunately for me, PBS (Masterpeice Theater) has a new series starting Sunday the 10th - Return to Cranford. Based on the works of Elizabeth Gaskell, a contemporary and friend of Charles Dickens, Cranford features a group of spinsters and widows in a quaint English town during the 19th century. The production is full of charming historic detail, and you can almost feel yourself carefully making your way down muddy horse-trodden streets, smelling the scent of fresh bread baking and the coming mist of rain.
If you missed it last night, PBS often replays in during the week, so check your listings. Part 2 will air next Sunday, 9pm (Western time).

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