Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Little House is back on!

After a "brief" hiatus of a couple of years, I have decided to resume my blog. Although I cannot promise consistenly entertaining and informative posts, I will strive for my best. In realtiy, I'm quite aware that this blog is probably only read by my husband, maybe my sister-in-law, and some guy who mistakenly thought this was a porn blog. I don't even doubt that my mother doesn't even read this anymore, especially since her battery ran out on her laptop and she doesn't know how to charge it back up again.
I shall continue to blog, not for the multitudes that read my posts, but for the mental "clean-out" it provides. I can ramble aimlessly about topics that I may find of great interest, and not be faced with the glazed-over expressions that frequent my ramblings in person.
And so dear reader, if you find a dull hazy feeling coming over you while reading my blog, you have my permission to log-off, and you will not hurt my feelings. In the meantime, I shall continue....

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